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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
Did you know it is free to list your Kegworth based business or organisation on this site?

Updates to the Site

Administrative and behind-the-scenes updates are shown in grey.

09th Feb 2014
Updated business listings
28th Feb 2009
Information-Classified advert - Grand Clothes SALE
19th Nov 2008
High Street Bakery - Opens Saturday
01st Nov 2008
Cliffords enquiry - Genealogy
01st Nov 2008
Walton - Genealogy
01st Nov 2008
Dakin -Tom Newsome - Genealogy
20th Jun 2008
Parish Councillors updated
07th Apr 2008
Majority of the site updated to comply with W3C standards
07th Apr 2008
Updated the main gallery page to show a cycling slideshow of random images scaled to fit the page.
07th Apr 2008
Finally added Friday opening times for the Post Office :D
02nd Apr 2008
Added bookmark icon
01st Apr 2008
Updated many of the pages to conform to W3C standards
04th Feb 2008
More pictures added to gallery
04th Feb 2008
Bits and Bobs updated - Baguley - Rawson
03rd Feb 2008
Methodist page updated
03rd Feb 2008
Quite a few photos added to gallery
01st Feb 2008
More OOoogh's added to correspondence
18th Jan 2008
St. Andrew's Church details updated
13th Jan 2008
Shepshed Charnwood Rotary Club details updated
23rd Dec 2007
Images Updated - Dragwell School Hocky Sticks
18th Dec 2007
Correspondence added to "Plough"
18th Dec 2007
Bits and bobs added to "Smith"
18th Dec 2007
Bits and bobs added to Rawson / Baguley
18th Dec 2007
Correspondence added to "Sarah Robertson"
18th Dec 2007
Correspondence added to "Paul Long"
18th Dec 2007
Correspondence added to "66 Suthers Road"
18th Dec 2007
News added EMICS
23rd Nov 2007
Velocette Owners Club details updated
17th Oct 2007
Parish Councillors Updated
02nd Oct 2007
A Personal History of Kegworth by Geoff Haberfield added to the history section
18th Jul 2007
Village Hall details updated
16th Jul 2007
Treasure Chest details updated
16th Jun 2007
Correspondence added - Amy Gent - Calverly - Clarke
16th Jun 2007
Correspondence added - Geoff Haberfield - Village Ghost
16th Jun 2007
Correspondence added - Geoff Haberfield - Cricket match
16th Jun 2007
Correspondence added - Geoff Haberfield - VE Day
16th Jun 2007
Correspondence added - Geoff Haberfield - Fox and Hounds
27th Apr 2007
Kegworth Band Updated
26th Apr 2007
Baptist church details updated
23rd Apr 2007
1956 Carnival Queen images added
21st Apr 2007
Added a discussion forum
13th Apr 2007
Business listings altered
13th Apr 2007
Clubs Altered
13th Apr 2007
Eagle Air added to links
27th Mar 2007
Kegworth Village Hall Preschool details updated
14th Mar 2007
Added a basic search facility
02nd Mar 2007
Ailsa Margaret Elizabeth Collyer - Genealogy updated
02nd Mar 2007
Ryanair - Easyjet - BmiBaby added to Links
02nd Mar 2007
Trent Buses - Kegworth page
02nd Mar 2007
QJump - Train Services and times added
17th Feb 2007
Julie Hardwick Hairdressing Added to business
17th Feb 2007
Kegworth Shooting Ground Added to Business
02nd Feb 2007
Football Clubs Updated
02nd Feb 2007
North / Hutchinson - Genealogy Updated
22nd Jan 2007
Ramblers Site Updated
13th Dec 2006
Schofields Retitled - The Hair Room & Nail Bar
10th Dec 2006
Genealogy Updated - Dove or Jackson
07th Dec 2006
Judo Club Addition
23rd Nov 2006
Updated Bits and Bobs...... Chaplin
23rd Nov 2006
Genealogy Updated - Chaplin
23rd Nov 2006
Genealogy Updated - Red Lion
15th Nov 2006
History Updated - New Piece Added - Longbow
09th Nov 2006
Clubs added and updated
02nd Nov 2006
Pictures Added
01st Nov 2006
Businesses Updated
01st Nov 2006
Councillors Updated
31st Oct 2006
Updated Street Names
30th Oct 2006
New Pictures For Business and Traders
29th Oct 2006
Altered Some Telephone Numbers.
29th Oct 2006
Altered some business sites
28th Oct 2006
Fixed a few old entries on the map (more to do still..)
27th Oct 2006
Added a site map for a complete listing of all pages on the site
19th Oct 2006
Fixed a few things after transfer to DD server
30th Jan 2006
Added Extra Parish Councillors
15th Apr 2005
Business listings updated
19th Mar 2004
Genealogy updated
02nd Mar 2004
Gallery updated - every day this month
01st Mar 2004
Genealogy updated
10th Feb 2004
Gallery Updated - every day this week
04th Feb 2004
Genealogy updated
03rd Feb 2004
Gallery updated
24th Nov 2003
History/Correspondance updated
10th Nov 2003
Bits and Bobs updated
10th Nov 2003
Genealogy updated
10th Nov 2003
News Page updated
18th Oct 2003
News page addition
18th Oct 2003
Image file updated.
02nd Oct 2003
Image gallery updated
24th Sep 2003
News Updated
07th Sep 2003
Soar Valley Twinning Updated
06th Sep 2003
Business Pages Updated
03rd Sep 2003
News page updated
07th Aug 2003
Fixed search facilty to include sub-directories
07th Aug 2003
Fixed the nasty slashed apostrophes on image category display
30th Jul 2003
Parish Council Minutes Updated
30th Jul 2003
Parish Councillors Updated
22nd Jul 2003
Treasure Chest business listing updated.
21st Jul 2003
Genealogy correspondence updated.
21st Jul 2003
Site Expenses Page Updated.
12th Jun 2003
Environmental links updated
10th Jun 2003
Image gallery updated.
22nd Jan 2003
Genealogy correspondence updated
17th Dec 2002
Ramblers 2003 walks updated
14th Dec 2002
News page updated
04th Dec 2002
Christmas Listings added
03rd Dec 2002
Events updated
19th Nov 2002
Fixed a few bugs in the forum scripts
13th Nov 2002
Genealogy correspondence updated
13th Sep 2002
News page updated
11th Sep 2002
Added history upload to admin section
07th Sep 2002
Comments page updated
07th Sep 2002
Genealogy page updated
06th Sep 2002
Classifieds and business listings updated.
29th Aug 2002
Events page updated
28th Aug 2002
News page updated
23rd Aug 2002
Letters page updated
21st Aug 2002
Council Minutes updated
19th Aug 2002
Map of the Village Updated
17th Aug 2002
Useful Numbers Updated
15th Aug 2002
Upgraded Search Engine
08th Aug 2002
News page updated
05th Aug 2002
Events listings updated
02nd Aug 2002
Business listings updated
27th Jul 2002
Added mobile field to business database
22nd Jul 2002
Updated login system
08th Jul 2002
Classifieds and Search Engine updated.
01st Jul 2002
News updated with Grand Prix competition winners
19th Jun 2002
New Donington competition added.
17th Jun 2002
Fun stuff updated
16th Jun 2002
Site upgraded to the new layout
14th Jun 2002
Full image list added to gallery
02nd Jun 2002
Gallery updated
28th May 2002
Letters updated
25th May 2002
Vacancies updated
20th May 2002
Image Gallery updated
19th May 2002
Property Rentals updated
16th May 2002
Classifieds updated
13th May 2002
Forum, business listings and council minutes updated.
09th May 2002
Events updated
08th May 2002
Ghosts and KVA Community updated.
07th May 2002
Comments, news items and genealogy correspondence updated
04th May 2002
Completed image upload dialogs (admin)
04th May 2002
Image Gallery updated.
03rd May 2002
Altered links in flash icon navigator
03rd May 2002
Phone Directories updated.
01st May 2002
Comments updated.
30th Apr 2002
Added a delete button to database table display
30th Apr 2002
Changed the gallery to run on PHP scripts
30th Apr 2002
Fixed a bug in subject field of correspondence (duplicate variable name)
12th Apr 2002
Added interface for newsletter subscriptions database
12th Apr 2002
Added the comments section to the database
11th Apr 2002
Added live data showing site updates to index page
10th Apr 2002
Rebuilt pubs page after accidentally overwriting it.
10th Apr 2002
Added php file extension to search engine filemasks
09th Apr 2002
Updated the environment page
07th Apr 2002
Made some improvements to the search script
05th Apr 2002
Added carnival queens page

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