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Kegworth Village
Sunday 17th of December 2017
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Landlords through the ages

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Pub Name Location Publicans Year Opened Year Closed Notes
(Old) Cap & Stocking Borough Street 1846 Thomas Whitehead
1876 Thomas Haywood
1881 Edward Toon
1888 George Haywood
1900 William Woolley
  C 1908  
(New) Cap & Stocking Borough Street 1908 William Woolley
1921 Robert "Bloomer" Large
1922 Arthur Large snr.
1960s Arthur Large jnr.
c1908 Still Open Home of the Angling Society,
Fish in Cases. Bass from the jug
New Inn Derby Road 1828 Charles Young
1865 Amos Babb?
1880 John Bunting
1881 William Hopewell
1935 Elizabeth Ann Hopewell (widow)
1936 Samuel F Grudgings
1940s Ernest Branson
1950s Benjamin Breakwell
1970s Irene ?
1980s Stuart Payne
  1990s 1920s Bay windows added
Now Chinese Take-a-way
(Old) Flying Horse Hotel High Street,(formerly The Swan) Pre 1796 Hickman Young
1796 John Barrow
1828 Samuel Barrow
1846 Sarah Barrow (widow)
1859 William Lowe
1861 Bejamin Boothroyd
1870 John Portch
1875 Francis Greasley
1880 Thomas Haywood
1888 Thomas Allcock
1892 John Rose
1894 Fred Bonser
1895 William Boam
1900 William Litchfield
To 7/1920 William Annabel
1922 William E Newton
  1929? Building destroyed by fire & demolished c1929.
6pm Mail Cart to Derby
(New) Ye Olde Flying Horse Church Gate 1930s Thomas Noble Southorn
1940s/50s Mary Southorn (widow)
1960s Anthony Davies
1970s Jack Dunn
1980s Anthony Bryan
c1931 Still open Thomas Noble Southorn, known as 'Scotty'
Anthony Davies, Known as the 'Captain'.
Red Lion High Street 1870 Charles Milne
1875 John Anabel
1876-1885 John E Jackson
1885-1893 Gregory Reynolds
1893-1912 Thomas Bond
1916-1922 Arthur Martin
1925 Edgar Daniels (at least to 37
  Still open Elephant in back garden
Crown (formerly the Tree Tuns) High Street 1880-1892 John Dakin
1892-1895 Joseph Bradley
1895-1904 Arthur Biggs
1904-1908 Daniel Brown
  C. 1906-1908 Later Lottie Stockton's shop,
now a private house
Three Tuns London Road 1861-1898 John Greaves
1898 Elvin Wallis
1904 John Eveson
  C 1908-1912 Now a private house
Navigation London Road 1854 Samuel Statham
1862 Thomas Brewin
1877 Mark Eden
1880 William Monk
1881 Jane Monk (widow)
1888-1891 Amos Towel
1891-1892 George Beale
1892 William Litchfield
1900 John Cutts
1904 William Henry Rice
1908 John Wilkinson
1912 Robert Shaw
1924 ? Hickling
  c1924-1928 Demolished, late 1920s
new White House built on site
Entries in school register for
John Wilkinson refer to Navigation
and White House
White House London Road Charles Harry Stanton
1932 Roland Crofts
1932 Joseph F Frost
C 1928 C.1992 Rebuilt as the Otter
Otter London Road 1992 Still open Managed House
(Old) Britannia London Road 1849-1881 John Haywood
1881-1900 Sarah Haywood (widow)
1901 Sarah Nix (daughter)
1904 Betsey Haywood (daughter)
1910 John (Jack) Newham
    Demolished 1930s - new Britannia Inn built on site
(New) Britannia London Road 1930s Jack Newham
1960s-Norman Stephenson
Bernard ?
1980's Christopher Parry
2000's Margaret & John
1930s Still open  
(Old) Horse & Groom Market Place?/London Road
(Possibly where Halifax Building Society Offices are)
1828 William Oldershaw
1846 George Wildbore
1855 Richard Barrow
1862 Thomas Haywood
(New) Horse & Groom Market Place 1876-1891 Charles Newham
1891-1898 Elizabeth Stableford
1898 Charles Killam
1900 George Bumstead
1908 Frederick Headley
1912 Clara Headley (widow)
1922 John Rossell
1928 Harold W Tilley
1932 George Hill Johnson
1950s Owen Widdowson
1960/70s Bernard ?
1970s   Previously owned by Thomas Crane
then Osborne
Old Three Cranes Market Place 1828-1853 Robert Crane
1853 John Crane
1861 John Adcock
1875 Joseph Osborne
1881 Joseph Allcock
1888 William Wilkins
1891 Arthur Eason
1892 George Beale
    Demolished & site occupied by
the Parish Council Offices
Robert Crane was brother to
Thomas Crane, brewer
Fox & Hounds Packington Hill 1875-1880 William Mitchell
1881 Rose Mitchell (widow)
1888 John Mitchell (brother)
1912 George Cartlidge
1922-1932 William "Fagin" Thompson
1932-1936 Leonard Featherstone Beard
1936 Albert Branson
1940s/50s Ken Flounders
1953-1959 Louis Dakin
1959 Tom Beale
  1970s 1810 windows smashed in bread riots!
Now Private house
Fox down the chimney
(Old) Oddfellows Arms Packington Hill 1840-1854 James Sturgess snr
1854-1875 William Cross
1875 Joseph Sharpe
1876 Thomas Cooper
1877 Joseph Sharpe
1880 James Hammond
Closed C 1888
1891 William Wilkins
1894 George Hardy
1904 William Clements
1908 Henry Price
(New) Oddfellows Arms Packington Hill 1915 John T Huss
1916-1918 Charles Cook
1922 William Clews
1928-1936 Ernest Branson
1936 Robert Hibbard
1960s Douglas Storer
1965-1970 Jed
1970 Kenneth Cockayne
  Still open Cook came from Luton
Cross Keys Sideley Publicans
1876 George Adams
1881 John Tebbutt Smith
Arthur Smith
  C. 1930 Shown in Girls School Register 1888.
Now a private house
Railway Inn/Station Hotel Station Lane 1848 William Hardy
1875 John Portch
1881 Thomas Baker
Pre 1941 George Burnett
1941-1954 Reginald Lord
1954-1960s Harry Parker
  Still open  
(Old) Anchor Station Road 1828 William Pepper
1861-1875 Thomas Brocklesby
1873-1891 Thomas Brocklesby (son)
1891 Rebecca Brocklesby (widow)
1904 John Smith
1911 John Truzzell
1922 Henry Murcott
1928 Alfred Smart
1932 Sarah A Smart
  C. 1933 Pepper also a coal dealer at
Kegworth Wharf
Truzzell lasted 3 months
(New) Anchor Station Road 1934 John Gale
1936 Albert Wood
1960s ? Moffatt
Kevin & Jane Evley
  Still open  
Black Swan Church Gate        
Ex Servicemen's Club High Street 1960s Colin Wright
Norman ?
Concorde High Street 1980s Jack Dunn 1970s   Became The Fosters
Fosters High Street 1980s Jean & Robert (Bob)Martindale
Susan (Sue)& George Pickaver
Lantern Market Place 2000's Steven Vardy   Still open  

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