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Kegworth Village
Sunday 17th of December 2017
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Kegworth Darts League

Kegworth, Derby.

D. Greensmith
(01509) 827460
44 Gerrard Crescent, Kegworth

by David Greensmith

KEGWORTH Darts League, originally Kegworth Bass Darts, started after a passing comment from Kevin James at the Red Lion regarding darts.

He said that Kegworth could have its own league if someone would run it. I told him to get 7 teams together and I would run it; but it must be in the village, to allow everyone to walk to the venues thus beating the drink and drive problems. So in September 1984 the League started with three teams from the Red Lion, two from the New Inn, one from the Squash Club and one from the Cricket Club. Inaugural winners of the League and Cup were the Red Lion A Team who are still going strong fifteen years later.

The most teams competing in the League at any one time has been 14, presently the total is 10. Many competitions,team and individual, both ladies and men, take place throughout the season and many prizes are awarded.

It just goes to show that, if a few people are prepared to do a bit of work, a lot of people can enjoy a good night out.

We are a friendly League always on the look out for new teams. So get some mates together and come and join us next season.

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