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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
Did you know it is free to list your Kegworth based business or organisation on this site?

Privacy Information

This site is a service to the Kegworth community and we have the utmost respect for the privacy of individuals and organisations.
This page aims to address any concerns you may have about information published or submitted to the site.

General Privacy Concerns

We do not use information submitted to us for any reason other than the benefit of the Kegworth community from this site.

Any information submitted to us is used purely on this site. We do not forward any information or details to third parties or 'business partners' as some sites like to call them :) If you find any information or images on this site relating to you, you friends, your business etc. that you object to then please notify us and they will be removed.

Email Addresses

If you send us your email address for publication here it is possible for people to use automated programs to harvest addresses from this site and then send you spam.

If this is a concern then we suggest you add a note in the comments field of the feedback form requesting that we either:

- Format it when published as *
- Do not publish it at all.

* - A human reader should know to substitute the AT for the @ symbol but hopefully the spam robots will ignore it.

Please use a valid email address in the actual email field of the feedback form or your message will not reach us! We never disclose email addresses submitted on the feedback form to third parties without your express consent. The only reason we require a valid email address in this field is so that we can contact you.

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