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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
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Letters we have received...

RE: Kegworth Bypass

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you regarding the proposed Kegworth by-pass and would be grateful if you were able to publish these comments somewhere on your site. I don't expect that they will prove very popular but I feel that it's important that different views are heard.

There's seems little doubt that the idea of a by-pass is a popular one and it isn't hard to see why. Excessive traffic is one of the curses of our age and is becoming ever more pervasive. Only commercial interests could really argue that traffic in itself is a good thing for the village.

Building a by-pass, however is not a solution to excessive traffic. All research done into the subject suggests that building roads increases the overall level of traffic. While it may make Kegworth a more pleasant place to live in the short-term, it is not the answer.

While I can understand the village's desire for such a short term solution, I have less sympathy for some of the hypocrisy that surrounds it. How many people can say that they have never driven to the co-op from their house when it is only two or three minutes walk? How many people encourage public transport by using it regularly? How many households have more than one car parked in their driveway?

I am guilty of some of these things myself and do not seek to judge but rather to encourage the kind of action on an individual level that can help to build a future where a by-pass is unnecessary. To end on a more positive note, perhaps your web site can help to further this goal. How about a section offering and coordinating car-sharing schemes, shared shopping trips etc.? I am well aware from previous attempts to set-up such schemes that people's intransigence and love of the convenience and freedom of their own car is something that is not easily overcome, but surely we can try? Would we not be better off campaigning for the re-opening of local railway stations, better bus services, more cycle tracks etc.?

(Name and address supplied.)

Your wish is our command. See the newly launched Environment page.

RE: No Letters

As you don't seem to have any letters on your villagers' letters page, I thought I might put a few thoughts in peoples minds!.

It is now just over 25 years since the village was collecting for the toilet building in the market place, now they want it pulling down!.

What happens to the Chippy, Family Store, Garage, other main road shops, when (if) we ever get a bypass? It is now over 35 years, I believe, that the by-pass has been awaited!

Will villagers use the bins when the gutters are full?

High Street has a school, a play group, a library and a nursery, all used by children, as well as two Churches, frequented by a high proportion of our elders. Sideley has play facilities for children. Will a child or person be killed or injured before someone slows the traffic?

At a Parish Council meeting, The Chairman had been informed that High Street and Station Road could not have calming until the bypass was in place and there was no traffic.

(Name and address supplied)

RE: Dog Owners

Dear Sirs,
Further to the recent national out-break of foot and mouth and the closure of public foot paths I write to inform you of a concern I feel should be brought to your attention.

Firstly may I take the opportunity to introduce myself, a life time resident of the village for 40 years and a responsible dog owner for the last 20.

Due to the current restrictions of access to public foot paths I have observed approximately 10/12 dog owners regularly exercising their dogs along Ashby Road up to and back from the motor way bridge mostly while commuting to and from my business. I myself use this route in the week everyone has a part to play in reducing the risk of spreading foot and mouth but dogs do still require exercise. However I am disgusted at the amount of owners that are allowing their dogs to foul the grass verge without cleaning up, one particular woman who has two small dogs and usually a green anorak, I have observed three times most recently this morning at 07: 10am allowing her dogs to foul and briskly walking away, one dog was "in the act" as I approached from the Mill House corner, she then walked away without cleaning up, observed as l reached the brow of the hill in my rear view mirror.

These people are I assume the first to complain of the young causing vandalism, litter dropping and rowdy drunks returning home, fine upstanding village residents, some certainly portray this image. lf the above woman has had children in the past did she throw soiled nappies into the road to rot? I think not. By now everyone is aware of the diseases that can be carried in dog faeces. I always carry a plastic bag to clean-up any mess my animals may leave, however my dog is trained to use an area of my garden before it is exercised, minimizing the times I actually have to clean-up in public. It is difficult to reason why these seemingly responsible people continue to allow the above to happen time after time, are they embarrassed to clean-up or just ignorant, arrogant and not quite what they seem.

Should you walk this path you will observe it is covered, no better than when travellers occupied the adjacent area some years ago.

This is the first time I have ever been compelled to write to the Parish Council, should you require any further information in dealing with these people I would only be too happy to "name and shame".

Finally should the Parish Council provide me with the necessary disposal equipment and use of their wheelie bin I will gladly clean-up this area free of charge, but will these people change their ways?

(Name and address supplied.)

RE: Supermarkets Online

Great, or so we thought. T**** delivering shopping and for only a modest sum.

This will save us so much time, no trips into town, no fetching or carrying. Not only for us but also for all the girls that work for us.

Not a chance! Yes, it worked for a while, deliveries came on time, everything turned up, then.... things not delivered but paid for(which were credited of course), things out of stock, (you have to check that they are in stock before you can order!) late deliveries, order for Monday - comes on Tuesday, order for Tuesday - comes Monday AND Tuesday.

Then, out of the blue.... Dear Sir, blah de blah, we don't want to deliver to you because you are at a business address.

Of course I am, I live here!. The girls that also want the shopping work here!, and does it really matter anyway? Ignore it, I thought, keep ordering - most of it isn't for business use (although I admit some was!!).

Oh well, send another order.

Another letter. Oops! 'big guns', Head Office and all that!

Would you believe it? No delivery. Oh well. If they can afford to lose 24+ customers in one go and a few hundred a week, we'll stick to the Co-op!

(Name & address supplied.)


RE: Poop Scoops

Dear Editor,

I feel bewildered, having read your article in the 14th June edition of the NU News, titled "Poop scoop idea rejected by councillors".

To quote the article " A suggestion to buy doggy poop scoops has not been taken up by Kegworth Parish Council, as it was felt to be a waste of money. " The article then goes on to tell us that they could purchase 240 for £30.

I am a responsible dog walker and have long held the view that Kegworth has failed to provide adequate provision to the public. I cannot find a bin specifically for the use of dog walkers. Even rubbish bins are lacking and not emptied on a regular basis. We are requested not to use the normal rubbish bins for dog waste. What's the option? Walking round the shops with my dog's waste in a carrier bag?

Many councils provide a poop service, where people can collect free scoops and bags from the Post Office or a local shop. If the council don't offer a provision, how can responsibilty be forced upon the public?

To tell me that spending £30 pounds on 240 scoops is a waste ofmoney, by a Parish council who feel that spending £1000 on a chain of office was a good deal, begs the question, are our rates being spent wisely?

(Name & address supplied.)


RE: Teens

The following letter came attached to a photograph of teenagers that had been swimming off the sandbank at 'The Deeps' on the river Soar. thought it worth publishing.

From a teen living in Kegworth.

Hi!, here is the only fun thing to do in Kegworth and this isn't a good thing.

Kegworth teens are in need of something fun to do, and somewhere to go and it's not just for the teens now ... but in times to come.

Due to the lack of "places" in Kegworth, teens are resorting to drinking and smoking etc..etc. and are getting loud for residents. There should be a place i.e building or at least somewhere safe for teens to go. So far in Kegworth all there is, is two parks, a river(unsafe) and the Market Place.

Now that it is winter, teens need somewhere to go that is social for them.

(Name & address supplied.)

See the photograph here.


RE: Memorial

I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to the people of Kegworth with regard to the memorial stone erected following the air crash. I visited the site on Friday 4th January in rememberance of all those who were injured or killed, particularly my good friend Timothy John Hicks who died. It is 13 years ago now but it is something that I shall always remember.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the memorial and to those who maintain it, it shows that you have a caring village. I am sure that it is appreciated by all those families and friends who have visited and will continue to visit.

The day of my visit was made even more significant as on the very same day there was an aircraft crash at Birmingham airport in which all 5 passengers and crew were killed.

(Name & address supplied.)


RE: Shooting

What a revolting, disrespectful act, taking photos of a dying, elderly woman being carried to an ambulance.

To take these photos was bad enough. To upload them to your nasty little website and release them to the media is unforgiveable. I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

I don't expect this will find its way to your "feedback" section.

(Name & email address supplied.)

As you can see it did make it to the site, eventually...
A number of people were justifiably critical of this and we can only apologise and promise to keep more stringent tabs on what is uploaded to the site in the future.
We encourage as many people as possible to contribute to this site and for this reason any views expressed on it should not necessarily be taken as representative of us all. Personally I would have been against this content going up in the first place.


RE: Teen vandalism in Kegworth:

We moved to Kegworth one year ago on our imminent retirement and bought a house close to a very nice playing field (Sideley). During the day, it looked pleasant and serene but once the warmer evenings came, we were horrified to watch the vandalism and aggressive behaviour from two distinctly different sectors of the youth of Kegworth. Last Thursday evening about 5:30 PM we watched a group of what looked to be about 14 to 17 year olds, mainly girls, openly drinking, spouting loud profanities and disappearing behind the bushes and overgrown areas for a while. Later, about 7:30 PM a larger group of older youths appeared. They proceeded to destroy a child's bike one of them had brought with them and spend the next few hours drinking heavily and breaking glass bottles around the children's play area. We cleaned these up the next morning. The bottles were vodka and designer type drinks. I have confronted these youths in the past about their behaviour and been subjected to threats and minor vandalism of our property. It is pointless calling the police, as it would be one word against many. What has happened to the police presence in Kegworth? Where are they during these hours when local residents are unable to walk safely in the parks due to this aggressive behaviour by youths? I notice that the police grant from our council taxes has risen by 28 per cent. A little over the inflation rate! I think that what is needed is a centre including a skateboard area for these youths where they can be supervised and a much more overt police presence (on foot, not in a luxury police car) during the late hours of the evening. The existing community centre would be an ideal place.

I feel like Victor Meldrew complaining like this, but something has to be done if we are to have a harmonious village where people can live in safety. I have written to our MP about the rise in this sort of behaviour and he has sent me a very nice letter from the Chief Constable of Leicestershire telling me that all is well and the police live in harmony with the village of Kegworth and have everything under control. Needles to say, he does not live in or visit Kegworth. I wish to remain anonymous as last time I commented on youth problems, our fence was smashed and rubbish and dog faeces thrown in our garden.


RE: Local Officers Remembered

Would you please be kind enough to give consideration to devoting a small space to the two police officers from this "Local Police Unit" who were so brutally murdered recently.

Both Bryan Moore & Andrew Munn policed this village at the time of their death. Although they were not the local "bobbies on the beat", they were far more than that, they were two of the type of officers that it has been become almost trendy to "loath". They wore white caps & drove around in a patrol car, not a lot of close contact with the public. Perhaps, just perhaps the general public will now realise the terrible danger that this type of police officer faces every single day of their working life.

I had the privilege to represent both of these men , as their police federation representative, prior to my retirement four years ago.

These were not exceptional officers, in my biased view, all officers are exceptional human beings.

There are times when each of us wish that the "cops" had something better to do, well ,when you are asleep in your beds, this is what those same cops do, night after night, risking life & limb so that you are able to sleep with some degree of safety.

Very highly skilled drivers & brave men both of them, I would ask you to consider this:- both Bryan & Andrew kissed their respective wives & children goodnight that fateful night, in the middle of the night their wives would have been awoken by a knock on the door, as they opened the door they would have been greeted by a senior officer, a police woman & a welfare officer, trust me when I say "all police officers partners know this can only mean one thing" !!

I have received a message on a police only link which I am sure shows just a little of what this has caused to only one of the families:

It is only a few lines long but the message outside Shepshed police station speaks volumes about the grief of two children.

Last week their father, Pc Andrew Munn (37), died in the line of duty, with his colleague Pc Bryan Moore (39).

Yesterday, a message attached to one of dozens of floral tributes on the steps of the police station where they worked summed up the heartbreak of nine-year-old Alexandra and three year-old Cameron. It reads: "For a beloved dad who was always there when we needed him. Words cannot say how much, how very much we loved him. "I know my dad's still there enjoying the attention very much. I'm always talking to him and he wants to talk back."

Pc Munn and Pc Moore, who leaves three children, died in a police operation last Thursday when their patrol car was involved in a collision with a van on the A42 at Worthington, near Ashby. Leayon Davi Dudley, 38, of Acocks Green, Birmingham, has been charged with their murder.

A Policeman's Prayer

When I start my tour of duty God,
wherever crime may be,
As I walk the darkened streets alone,
let me be close to thee.

Please give me understanding
with both the young and old.
Let me listen with attention
until their story's told.

Let me never make a judgment
in a rash or callous way.
But let me hold my patience,
let each man have his say.

Lord if some dark and dreary night,
I must give my life,
Lord with your everlasting love
protect my family and my wife.

(Name and address supplied.)

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