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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
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The History of Kegworth Village

Kegworth village history
A General History of Kegworth
Kegworth Air Disaster 1989
Kegworth At War 1939 - 1945 and After
Kegworth Carnival
Dead Men's Lives 1636-1812
Street Names
Kegworth Ghosts
Drinker's Page
Landlords through the ages
The Great House
History of the Longbow
Kegworth Markets and Fairs
Kegworth War Memorials
Thomas Moore 1779-1853
A Personal History of Kegworth 1944 to 1957
The River Soar
Kegworth in the Twenties
Carnival Queens
Historical Bits & Bobs

Books About Kegworth:

Kegworth Walk Guide: Countryside Circular Walks from Kegworth Market Place

The Parish Church of St. Andrew, Kegworth

Kegworth Aspects of History

Geology of the Kegworth Area: 1:10 000 Sheet Sk 42 Ne; Part of 1:50 000 Sheet 141 (Onshore geology series - technical report)

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