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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
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These pages tie together all the correspondence that we have been getting from people with connections to the village from past and present. If you can provide any further information then please contact us.

Belton Family
Message from Rachel Farrand
Karen Isaac - The Blacksmiths
Message from Keith Stevenson
Message from Iain Firth
Message from Linda Fisher
Pete Fairweather
Oddfellows Arms
William Harold Walton
Dakin - Tom Newsome
John Hardy Wilson. Information
Now this one is interesting!
More OOoogh's
66 Suthers Road.........OOoogh!!
Message from Paul Long
Message from Sarah Robertson
Message from Glenda Stewart
Message from Andy Sheppard
Geoff Haberfield - Fox and Hound
Geoff Haberfield - VE Day
Geoff Haberfield - Cricket match
Geoff Haberfield - Village Ghost
Amy Gent - Calverly - Clarke
Canada Calling / Kirk
Ailsa Margaret Elizabeth Collyer
North / Hutchinson
Doves or Jackson
Red Lion
Friendly town from Braintree, Es
Leicester - Mellors
Canada Calling!!!!
Ilderton - Chaplin
Tom Newsome
55 High Street
Greetings from Greece
Hello from Sheffield
Family enquiry from Australia
Canadian Connection
Kind words from Bedfordshire
Ancestral news from Australia
Canadian Connection II
Ancestral Snippet from Cheshire
Out of Africa - Claremont House
Hudson, Stevenson & Wallis
The Chaplin clan
Spitfire Fund
The Simpsons
Berrington Family
Family trees

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