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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
Did you know it is free to list your Kegworth based business or organisation on this site?

Comments We Have Received

And no, we didn't make these up...

Congratulations on a super Website.
Paid my first vist to Kegworth on the 9/12/03. What a pleasant little village spoiled only by the yellow lines and the speed cameras. I hope to return some day soon to have a proper look round but at the moment I will content myself with the web site. By the way the web site is superb, lots to read and many items of interest. Owing to your site I am fast becoming a Kegworthophile. Keep up the good work.
Edward Paiton
As part of an interview process I have been asked to research one of your public houses, i.e location, community and competition to the pub. I was delighted to stumble across your web site, it is very informative and easy to navigate. You have a lovely village. I hope you maintain your heritage for years to come!
Just wanted to say that this site is really good, well done all the makers!!
Jane Hanby
I would like to thank whoever it is that runs the Kegworth site. Thank you for a great job and for all of the effort in producing a great web site
Tony Brooks
I thought your writing on ghosts of Kegworth excellent, although I'm not from Kegworth myself but I still have family living there. An excellent site please keep up the good work
Rachel Kearton
What a great site you have which is a great tribute to your community.
Roy Nixon
First time I have seen this site and I am impressed.
Geoff Clarke
I loved the photos in the gallery...
First, let me say that I think the web site is superb. When I was planning my trip back to the village earlier this year, I got all of the information I wanted and needed from the web site. The maps and photos also brought back some lovely memories for me and my parents before I even went.
Linda Warley, PhD
Well done. I think your village website is one of the best I have ever seen, keep up the good work.
David Bruce
First let me say that your web site is very good, the museum is excellent and their book on Kegworth is very nice. Thanks to everyone for showing me what an interesting place Kegworth is.
Trevor Simpson
Hi Kegworth, and what a great new web site.
Brian Berrington
Many thanks for setting the site up so quickly, a good job done.
The Lantern
I had no idea that this web-site was under production, how I missed your advanced publicity, I do not know! Anyway congratulations on the result.
What a Brill site!!!!!
S.E.Hoggarth, Kegworth
Interesting T Moore section
Matsuoka - Japan University
Think the website is brilliant
B. B. Calverley, Kegworth
Love the site by the way!
D. Middlemiss, Limoges, France
What a marvelous idea, wonderful for the village
Mr. & Mrs. A Ridley-Thomson
S Donaghue, Kegworth
You must be very proud, Great idea
K.J, Leicester
B C III, Texas, USA

At least, not all of them!

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