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Kegworth Village
Sunday 25th of February 2018
Did you know it is free to list your Kegworth based business or organisation on this site?

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct deals with the content and running of the site.
Comments and suggestions are, as ever, very welcome...

Design and Maintenance

This site is maintained by Firekarma Design, my own web and graphic design company based in Kegworth.
All design work and updating is carried out by Firekarma free of charge, although local businesses may optionally purchase a sponsored listing which will entitle them to banner adverts and other extra features.

Apart from certain administrative areas (such as the domain registration and hosting details)
we consider this site to be open to the entire community of Kegworth and encourage contributions of any kind.

Running Costs and Donations

As of August 2002 this site is funded entirely by myself. Limited Google adverts are displayed at the bottom of each page to help towards these costs and local businesses may optionally choose a sponsored listing to help support the site.
The site is run entirely for the benefit of the Kegworth Community.
Donations towards the running costs are welcome but all that is really asked for is your goodwill and participation in this project.

Contributions, Content and Censorship

Input is welcome from anyone with an interest in Kegworth Village and its wider community.
All contributions will be published in full, except where the law or good taste dictates otherwise.

If you feel any individual or organization has been unfairly treated or represented on this site then please let us know.

Personal Data

Any email addresses or other personal data received through are treated with the utmost confidence.
We never disclose information to third parties without explicit consent and, if requested, any details submitted will also be witheld from publication on this site.

Please see the Privacy Page for more detail.

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